After enrolling in a Behind the Wheel Course your Behind the Wheel driving school will need to get you a signed MV3001 form which you will need in order to get your Instruction Permit. The signature on that form MUST be less than 60 days old when visiting the DMV. Contact your behind the wheel driving school regarding their procedure for delivering the form to you.

Written Test Help

Prior to taking the written test be sure to read the Wisconsin Motorist Handbook. Or as an E book HERE . There are 19 questions in the back of the book and those will be very similar to at least 19 of the questions found on the test.

Also, the DMV offers a free smart phone app in the iTunes Store or Google Play for practicing the written test.

The Written Test is divided into 2 parts. A 50 question "General Knowledge" test and a 15 question "Highway Road Sign" test. The test is very basic and most students will have no trouble passing the test on the first attempt.

    1. Plan to arrive at least 1 hour prior to closing

    2. The test is offered free of charge and is a touch-screen computer based test.

What to bring with you to the DMV:

    1. You will need a signed MV3001 Instruction Permit Application Form signed by an instructor from the school where you will be taking your behind the wheel lessons.

      1. NOTE: Remember our signature is only valid for 60 days, so you must get your permit and begin driving within 60 days.

    2. You will also need to present to the DMV official:

      1. Original birth certificate or passport

      2. if a non US citizen, proof of legal status

      3. Social Security card

      4. Parent