Right of Way

(Failure to Yield)

$35! If you have a court ordered Failure to Yield the Right of Way course completion requirement please complete the FORM below, then go to our Online Classroom create a Log In and Password then select the Failure To Yield Course from the list of available Courses. The course is online and takes a little over two hours to complete. Shortly after you complete we will submit a course completion to the State of Wisconsin. The cost for our Failure to Yield course is $35.00.

KC's Driving School has been providing driver education in Wisconsin for over 30 years. We are licensed by the WI DOT.

PAYMENT: You will be prompted to Pay for the course ($35). Even though you will see a PayPal payment page, you do NOT need PayPal account to complete the payment. Look to the bottom of the that screen and you will see a link to use a Debit or Credit Card.