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Online Driver Education: How it Works

Getting Started

We know there is a lot of information for you to read. Unfortunately Driver Education is not a simple process.

Below you will find answers to all of your questions. If you don’t find your answer here, send us an email and we will answer your question and update this document. We do not answer phone calls or return voicemails. We just don’t have time to do that. We instead monitor our email and texts 14 hours per day. This is a “live” document and will update automatically when we make any changes. You can use the “search” function or “CTRL+F” to search for keywords.

Thanks for your patience!

KC’s Driving School 541 (All Online Classroom questions and Lake Country Area Behind the Wheel students) - 262-563-9527 (texts only!)

KC’s Driving School 136 (Watertown, Lake Mills, Johnson Creek and Waterloo) - 920-261-1750

Driver’s Ed Requirements

In Wisconsin, if you are under 18, you must take an approved driver education course in order to get your license. KC’s Driving School has been approved to do this for nearly 33 years.

Instruction Permit and MV3001 Form

To get an Instruction Permit students under 18 must:

1. Enroll in and complete all 15 sessions of the Online Classroom.

  1. To complete the Online Classroom follow the steps found HERE
    1. Complete our Student Agreement Form to "Enroll".
    2. Create a User Registration for our online classroom by clicking on the "Signup" tab at the top of the page here:
    3. Select the “Online Course (30 Hour Complete)” “bundle” from the Course Catalog page right hand column. Click on the Course Bundle then at the top there is a box that says “Get all for ($95)”. You can pay for the course using PayPal or by credit card on the screen that follows.
    4. Complete all Online classroom sessions.
      • NOTE: Students can take online classroom any time after 15. They then wait to get their instruction permit until they turn 15 1/2.
      • NOTE: Students are allowed to complete 1 Online Session per day or a maximum 2 hours course work. Also a max of 5 sessions or 10 hours per week. (State Law)
      • NOTE: After 2 weeks of inactivity your online classroom account will go inactive. You will need to text or email us to have it reactivated. We pay for each active student, so by inactivating students is cost effective.
      • NOTE: Your Online Course will expire in 180 days and once completed you will have 13 months to complete your first Behind the Wheel lesson. If you go over 13 months you must complete a Refresher Course prior to starting your BTW. The Refresher Course is found at our Online Classroom HERE

2. Enroll in Behind The Wheel Driving Instruction.

3. Pay for the Behind the Wheel Course

    • All schools/locations charge different fees. Contact them for info.
    • If you at taking Behind the Wheel with KC’s Driving School #541 in Pewaukee, Oconomowoc or at Lake Country Lutheran High School the fee is $300.

4. Be 15 ½ (to get their instruction permit, you can take classroom around age 15).

5. Present required documents;

    1. MV3001 Application for Instruction Permit/Driver License.
      1. KC’s Behind the Wheel Students - Once the student enrolls and pays for Behind the Wheel we will mail your MV3001 form to your house.
      2. If you are taking your Behind the Wheel with a different driving school, contact them for their procedure they use to issue your your MV3001 Form. It is the Behind the Wheel Driving School that issues the MV3001 form not the school that conducts the classroom portion.
      3. NOTE: You MUST complete your 1st Behind the Wheel lesson within 60 days from the date that we sign the MV3001. See below for info on BTW Scheduling.
    2. A government issued original birth certificate.
    3. Social Security Card
      1. – if you don’t have the card bring the number and another form of ID such as the student’s school ID.

6. Pass the written test. - The Test is given at the DMV when you go to get your Instruction Permit. The test is computer based and is pretty basic. We have a Written Test Prep page at our website HERE that will help you pass the test.

7. The student’s parent or legal guardian must sign MV3001 at the DMV with the student. If the parent or guardian can not be present at the DMV there is a provision on the form to have the form notarized.

Course Completion Certification:

Driver Educations consists of 2 Courses. You can take both course at the same driving school or take classroom at one school then behind the wheel at another.

  1. Classroom and
  2. Behind the Wheel.
  • Taking Classroom and Behind the Wheel both at KC’s: After you complete your Online Classroom sessions you will need to enroll and pay for Behind the Wheel. At the student’s last BTW Lesson they and their instructor will fill out a course completion request that will have all of the necessary information for us to transmit your Course Completion. Normally within 24 hours will will manually verify all of the classroom work and BTW lessons are completed and transmit your Course Completion directly to the DMV computer. If there are any issues with the transmission of the CC we will contact you via email. For reasons unknown to us the DMV does not give us a confirmation or copy of your Course Completion. However, it will be in their computer waiting for you when you go to do your road test.
  • Taking Classroom with KC’s but Behind the Wheel with another driving school: you will need 2 Course Completions. Your Classroom Completion will be emailed to you after you completed all sessions of the Online Classroom. A copy of this will be required for the Behind the Wheel driving school to enroll you in their BTW Course. Once you complete your BTW’s with your driving school they will submit your Course Completion directly to the DMV. We usually submit your Online Classroom Course Completion within 1 or 2 business days. Be patient as it is a manual process and there are many things that must be done to process it.

What Happens During The 30 Hours of Classroom?

  • Class Format: The Online Classroom consists of 15 or 16 sessions. Only 1 session can be started per calendar day. Each session is broken down into segments with a short presentation, video and quiz. There is a final test for each Session and a course final test. The Course expires after 180 days and can be reset. You will need a computer and internet access to YouTube. Occasionally there are browser issues so be away you may have to try different browsers. We find that Chrome works well and so does Safari.

Behind The Wheel Lessons

  • Soon after the student obtains their instruction permit (within 60 days from the date we sign the MV3001) they will begin the behind the wheel lessons.
    • There are six lessons two hours long each. They drive one hour and observe another student the second hour.
    • Most students do their lessons about 2-3 weeks apart. However, it is up to students to schedule their appointments.
    • Students need to make sure that they complete their BTW’s in time for them to get their license. Do NOT wait until the last minute to complete.

Scheduling and Rescheduling Behind The Wheel Lessons

  • Contact your behind the wheel driving school for information on how to schedule behind the wheel lessons.

“60 DAY” Rule - First Behind The Wheel Lesson

  • According to state law students must have their first behind the wheel lesson within 60 days of us signing their application for the temps MV3001.

Adverse Weather Conditions

  • We are very quick to cancel lessons when the weather is bad. More than once we have had other drivers crash into us because they were driving too fast for conditions. We cannot afford the risk to our students, staff or equipment to be on the roads when they are slick. Do NOT let yourself get behind on behind the wheel lessons and expect to get caught up during winter months.

Scheduling The Road Test

  • Students may schedule their road test HERE

After School Pick Up For Behind The Wheel Lessons

  • Most driving schools pick up at your high school, home or from their office. Please contact your behind the wheel driving school for exact pick up and drop off locations.

Probationary License

The probationary license is the first “solo” license. There are restrictions that limit 1 non-family member in the car and no driving after midnight for the first 9 months. Also, points are doubled after the first ticket.

To get a probationary license students must;

  1. Complete driver education.
    • A. Complete 30 hours of classroom
    • B. Complete 6 hours of driving and 6 hours observing.
  2. Have their instruction permit for 6 months OR MORE.
    • During this six months or more they accumulate at least 30 hours of driving experience (10 hours must be at night). This they do with their parents. When they drive with their parents their immediate family members can be in the car, NO ONE else.
  3. Pass the road test
    • Students can schedule their road test (skills test) up to 11 weeks prior to being eligible to get a license regardless if they are still doing behind the wheel lessons.
  4. The parent or legal guardian sign stating that they are in school and have completed at least 30 hours of driving 10 of which was at night.

Miscellaneous Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I get my Completion Certificate?

Online Classroom Students: Your Course Completion will be emailed to you a few days after you complete all of the course material.

How do I get my Instruction Permit signed (MV3001)?

    • After you complete all 15 Online Sessions and enroll in a Behind the Wheel course your BTW Driving School will provide the MV3001 form that you will take to the DMV. Each driving school has their own procedure for getting you the form. It is best to email your BTW Driving School in advance to coordinate getting the form.

I lost my permit or my temps expired what do I do?

  • A. If you’re still doing your behind the wheels with, you’re going to have to fill out another MV3001 form and have your behind the wheel driving school sign it. NOTE: Make sure you have a driving school signature before you go to the DMV! They’ll send you back to us so save yourself the trip.
  • B. If you have completed all of your BTW’s, the DMV still has your completion certification on file. You can head straight there. Tell them your "completion is on file in their computer system".


My Online Class sessions have expired. What do I do?

Email us and we can reset them for you. Currently there is no fee for that. However that is subject to change.


Why can I only schedule one Behind the Wheel at a time?

When students can only have one lesson at a time they make that lesson a high priority. You must complete a lesson before you can schedule your next. All teens are busy, we are not able to make exceptions to this rule due to sports, work, plays etc. in order to make it fair to students who have chosen to make driving appointments a priority.

How long do I have to complete my behind the wheel lessons?

As long as you need. Most people try and finish them quickly because you have to renew your permit after 1 year. You do have to have your first lesson within 60 days of us signing your temps application. Otherwise, take as long as you need.


What do I bring to the DMV to get my instruction permit?

1. Your ORIGINAL state issued birth certificate or passport

2. Your ORIGINAL social security card

3. A parent or legal guardian (or have your temps app notarized)

4. A MV3001 application (temps app) signed and dated within 60 days by a behind the wheel driving school representative (whichever school you have enrolled in Behind the Wheel training with)

5. Money, there will be a fee

How do I schedule a Road (Skills) Test?

As you know, you must have your Instruction Permit 6 full months before you can take a road test. You can schedule your road test 11 weeks in advance of the 6 months ending. Go to the DMV website HERE to schedule a Road (Skills) Test

What do I bring to the DMV for my road test?

1. Your permit (very important)

2. Your car

3. Your parent

4. Your Course Completion will be on file in the DMV Computer.


I need to contact you, but no one answered the phone?

We do NOT keep normal business hours. Sometimes, we’re teaching class or driving with students. We monitor our emails and text messages throughout the day but seldom, if ever return any phone calls. We are working from sunup to sundown just about 7 days a week. Email and text are the best, and really the only way to contact us.

KC’s Driving School #541 Student Agreement/Contract

Revision 11 Effective on 11/24/2018

KC's Driving School West Inc. DBA KC’s Driving School 541​,​ PO Box 590, Hartland, WI 53029 (262) 367-5004

AGREEMENT: As required by the State of Wisconsin pursuant to the provisions of section 343.71 (a) of the motor vehicle code. KC’s Driving School will comply with all rules and laws as found in the Motor Vehicle Code M.V.343 and Trans. 105. The agreement between the customer and the school shall consist of the following charges and obligations;


  1. Students are required to complete 30 hours of classroom training.
  2. Students are not allowed to complete more than 2 hours of course per day, 10 hours per week and the course must extend over a minimum of 19 days according to State law.
  3. Students are allowed ​to miss a Group Session for legitimate reasons​ only. All absences must be made up using our Online Classroom.
  4. The classroom course expires 13 months after completion. Students whose classroom has expired will be required to complete a 10 Hour Online Refresher Course.
  5. Online Classroom must be completed within 180 days from the date of purchase.
  6. Students enrolled in an all Online course are required to have a laptop or desktop computer using a modern internet browser such as Internet Explorer, FireFox or Chrome. The computer must be connected to the internet with a high speed internet access capable of streaming online video from YouTube. Technical support will be provided for any issues that come up. However, if the student cannot complete an Online course due to hardware, software or other technical issues, the Online course fee will be applied to transfer to a traditional group session.


  1. Students must begin behind the wheel lessons within 13 months of completing the classroom portion.
  2. Students are required to complete 6 hours of driving and 6 hours observing (6 ​BTW ​Lessons).
  3. Students are required to present a valid Instruction Permit at each Behind The Wheel lesson.
  4. Students must start behind the wheel lessons within 60 days from the day the permit application (MV3001) is signed.
  5. Students must complete the Behind the Wheel Program within 12 months from the original issue date their Instruction Permit

MAXIMUM FEES (actual fee may be lower, check our website for current fees):

  1. $395 - Traditional Classroom Course with Behind the Wheel. (30 hours group classroom sessions and 6 hours Behind the Wheel Fee) Fee is due on the first day of class by check.
  2. $425 - Blended Traditional and Online Course (Blend of Traditional Group sessions and Online Sessions and 6 hours Behind the Wheel) due at the time of enrollment.
  3. $395 - Online Classroom Course with Behind the Wheel (30 hours Online Classroom sessions and 6 hours Behind the Wheel Fee). Online Classroom fee is due when students begin the Online Course, the remaining balance will be paid when the student is ready to begin the BTW portion.
  4. Any partial payments will be applied toward “Classroom” fee only.
  5. $125 - Online Classroom Fee
  6. $10 - Online Class Make Up Fee (Traditional Students Only)
  7. $5 - Expired Online Class Session
  8. $75 - 10 Hour Refresher Course Fee - A student whose classroom has expired (past 13 months)
  9. $35 - Failure to Yield the Right of Way Online Course
  10. $15 - fee will be charged for returned checks.
  11. $20 - fee will be charged if a student cancels a BTW lesson with <24 hours notice.
  12. $40 - fee will be charged if a student does not show up (No Shows) ​for ​a BTW lesson.
  13. $20 - fee will be charged if a student is unable to produce a valid Instruction Permit at a BTW ​lesson.
  14. $325 - Behind the Wheel fee will be charged for a student who took KC’s Online Classroom
  15. $350 - fee will be charged for a student who took a class at another approved course and would like to do behind the wheels with us.
  16. $150 - fee will be charged for a student who is going to do traditional classroom only with us.
  17. $55 - fee will be charged for a private individual behind the wheel lesson.
  18. Neither the MV3001 “Temporary Permit Application” nor the Course Completion will be issued if any balance is due.


  1. Student will be dropped from the course for disruptive, abusive or disrespectful behavior towards any instructor, staff or student, by either the student or the student's parent.
  2. KC's will not refund any fee or part payment if the school is ready, willing, and able to fulfill its part of the agreement. If KC’s is no longer ready, willing or able to fulfill its part of the agreement. Student will receive a prorated portion of their paid fee. NOTE: When completing a combined Classroom and Behind the Wheel ½ of the total fees paid is for Classroom ½ of the total fees paid is for Behind the Wheel. (ex. $380 total fee $190 if Classroom portion and $190 BTW)
  3. KC’s Driving School West Inc., D.B.A. KC’s Driving School 541, maintains auto insurance, business liability insurance and bond insurance. The limit of each policy is established by state law. The extent of our liability for any claim for any reason is limited to the limits of these policies. If ever we are found liable for any claim, all claims are restricted to the limits of our insurance coverage.

*If there is any failure to comply with any of the above items by the student, the student MAY be removed from our program and no full or partial refund will be offered.

**This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the school and the customer, and no verbal statement or promise will be recognized. Revision 11 Effective on 11/24/2018

KC’s Driving School