STOP - Read this first!!!

I have my Instruction Permit!:

    • if you have already enrolled in Behind the Wheel with KC's Driving School in the Lake Country Area and need to schedule a lesson, go HERE
    • For KC's Watertown or Lake Mills call 920-261-1750 to schedule a lesson
    • If you are enrolled with one of our Partner schools, contact them to schedule your btw lessons.

I do NOT have my Instructor Permit and need to get a MV3001 form signed!:

    • Read below...
  • Below is a list of Driving Schools who accept our Online Classroom, select a school to enroll in a behind the wheel course.
  • NOTE: Many driving schools are using KC’s Driving School Online Classroom. You will need to enroll in a local Behind the Wheel program after you complete your Online Classwork. Your BTW provider will sign your MV3001 DMV form to get an Instruction Permit. Use the links below to enroll in Behind the Wheel.

To get your Instruction Permit complete the following steps:

    1. Click on one of the links below to enroll in a Behind the Wheel program nearest you.
    2. Follow the steps each location uses for enrollment and to obtain your signed MV3001 form.

Links to Enroll in a Behind the Wheel Program or Course: