Live Stream Classroom

  • Live Stream - How it works: On occasion we Live Stream our Online Classroom sessions to provide a more engaging way for students to complete the Online Classroom. The live stream events are optional and for students who attend them, they will get credit for completing the streamed session and will not complete that session using the normal Online Classroom. Students are allowed to attend the live stream session out of order so for example, if you are on session 3 you can view a session 11 live stream. However, students must have completed session 1 prior to completing any other sessions.
    • Below you will find our Live Stream schedule. The dates and times are subject to change.
    • We will send announcements using our Online Classroom message tool.
    • If you would like to participate in the Live Stream, you will find it by going to KC's Driving School's Live Stream YouTube Channel .
      • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and select the "get notifications" bell icon to be notified of upcoming streams.
    • During the Live Stream will take "roll call" multiple times so you must be able to see the "chat" window during the entire presentation. If you are present and participate during the ENTIRE Live Stream you will receive credit for the for session. If you miss a "roll call" you will not get credit.
    • During the Live Stream, if you have technical difficulties you can text us at 262-563-9527. We may be able to help. I will be starting the streams 10 minutes early to help anyone with technical difficulties.
    • If you can not view the Live Stream due to technical difficulties, either on our end or on yours, you will not get credit.

To view the Live Stream and required Chat go HERE