Thank you for your interest in KC's Driving School. KC's has been teaching teens to be safe drivers in Wisconsin since 1986.

KC’s Driving School: How it Works

Parents should understand that during class the entire process of completing driver’s education is explained thoroughly to the students. We cover subjects such as; laws, and rules, forms and documents, behind the wheel scheduling and completion, etc. Students are told exactly how to complete our program. If you have questions, ask them, usually they will have the answer. Never hesitate to give us a call or email though.

Class Format: The class is lecture based. We use a PowerPoint presentation that uses multimedia for maximum impact. There is very little writing on the part of the student. Each day we usually watch a short video.

DAY 1 - We complete all the enrollment documents together as a group. We go over the entire process outlined in this form. Students are explained all the rules and how things work.
DAYS 2 & 3 - The first several days are spent preparing for the written tests required to obtain the instruction permit. We also talk about the need for participation in the Organ Donor Program. Students will take the DMV written test at the DMV when they go to get their instruction permit. We do offer the written tests at limited times. Information about that is given on day 1 of class. 
DAYS 4-14 - We cover in great detail all the things student will need to know to become safe drivers. Topics include; Highway Transportation System, Signs, Signals and Pavement Markings, Right of Ways, Vehicle Instruments, Controls and Devices, Basic Driving, Vehicle Maneuvers, Natural Laws and Driving, Sharing The Road, IPDE, City Driving, Intersections, Adverse Driving Conditions, Alcohol and Drugs and Driving, Rural Driving, Freeway Driving, Road Trips, Defensive Driving, Car Crashes, Buying a Car, Vehicle Maintenance, Insurance and several other topics.
DAY 15 - We usually take an oral or variety test, eat something yummy and do some activities.

Absences: Students are allowed to miss class for "legitimate" reasons only, such as injury, illness or an event outside of the student's control.  If a student misses class they will have to make up that session in a future class. They can still get their permit and do BTW’s, the simply need to complete their class makeup prior to getting their license. If a student misses day five for example, they will need to come to a day five of an available future class. Visit our website and with a calendar look at our upcoming available classes choose any day five and simply show up. Check our website the day of your make up. If the class is full it will indicate so on the list of upcoming classes. If a student misses more than 3 days of class they may be required to retake the class.

  1. Enroll in driver's education.
  2. Pay any balance you owe (all fees are due on or prior to the first day of class).
  3. Pass the written tests (general knowledge and highway signs). 
  4. Get your "Permit Application MV3001" signed by a KC's instructor.
    • The student's are instructed in class on how to get the formed signed. 
  5. Take the temps application along with your original birth certificate and social security card and parent to the DMV. Don't bring a photo-copy of your birth certificate. If you don't have your social security card, bring the number and another form of identification (school ID).

GET YOUR PROBATIONARY LICENSE – (The first solo license issued)
  1. Complete driver education. All 30 classroom hours and 6 BTW lessons.
  2. Have their permit for 6 months OR MORE.
  3. Accumulate at least 30 hours of driving experience (10 hours must be at night).
  4. Pass the road test
  5. Your State Certificate of Completion will be digitally inputted to the DMV computer after you complete your 6th BTW lesson.

BEHIND THE WHEEL LESSONS: Soon after the student obtains their instruction permit they will begin the behind the wheel lessons. The student's first lesson MUST within 60 days from the date we sign the permit application.
  1. There are six lessons two hours long each. 
    1. They drive one hour and observe another student the second hour. 
    2. Most students do their lessons about 3 weeks apart. However, it is up to students to schedule their appointments. 
    3. Students need to make sure that they complete their BTW’s in time for them to get their license. 
    4. Students should have AT LEAST one lesson for each month that they have had their permit (6 lessons / 6 months). 
    5. Students can only schedule one lesson at a time. 
    6. Realize that there are times when openings for BTW’s may be 3 or 4 weeks out. 
    7. Students can complete all of their behind the wheel lessons ASAP if they wish, though not less than 3 weeks from start to finish and a maximum of two lessons per week (according to state law). 
    8. These lessons are designed to work in conjunction with the 30 hours driving practice that students are to receive with their parents (10 of the 30 hours must be at night).

SCHEDULING AND RESCHEDULING BEHIND THE WHEEL LESSONS: Scheduling BTW's is done after the first day of class here at our website.

Driver's Ed Decision Tree