We ask that you, as a very big influence on your student, you encourage only safe driving practices. Student's will mimic parents. There are several resources for you to aid yourself and your student. The DMV has a Skills Test Guide that can help you to follow and enforce the standards required to pass a road test. Additionally, the Wisconsin DOT along with West Bend Insurance Company put together a very nice Guide for Parents and Students.

KC's has put together a free Online Course just for Parents. Please go HERE to view.

How To Get Your Instruction Permit

Frequently asked questions by parents: 
(also refer to "FAQs" for other questions)

Class Format: The class is lecture based. We use a PowerPoint presentation that uses multimedia for maximum impact. There is very little writing on the part of the student. Each day we usually watch a short video. The Online Curriculum is nearly identical as the traditional classroom. 

SESSION 1: - We complete all the enrollment documents together as a group. We go over the entire process outlined in this form. Students are explained all the rules and how things work.
SESSIONS 2,3 & 4: - The first several days are spent preparing for the written tests required to obtain the instruction permit. We also talk about the need for participation in the Organ Donor Program. Students will take the DMV written test at the DMV when they go to get their instruction permit. We do offer the written tests at limited times. Information about that is given on day 1 of class. 
SESSIONS 5-14: - We cover in great detail all the things student will need to know to become safe drivers. Topics include; Highway Transportation System, Signs, Signals and Pavement Markings, Right of Ways, Vehicle Instruments, Controls and Devices, Basic Driving, Vehicle Maneuvers, Natural Laws and Driving, Sharing The Road, I.P.D.E., City Driving, Intersections, Adverse Driving Conditions, Alcohol and Drugs and Driving, Rural Driving, Freeway Driving, Road Trips, Defensive Driving, Car Crashes, Buying a Car, Vehicle Maintenance, Insurance and several other topics.
SESSION 15: - We go over the Road Test and do a course review and test.

Students are allowed ​to miss class for legitimate reasons​. All absences ​must be made up by using our "Online" class make up. Being absent does not delay getting the instruction permit, however all absences must be made up prior to the road test. There is a $8 fee per session for online make up. For more info click HERE

-Make sure that your student brings their "temps" or driving permit to every behind the wheel, otherwise they will be charged a fee
-We also charge fees for student who do not show up to behind the wheel lessons and who cancel with less than 24 hour notice (we must pay our instructors regardless of whether or not your student shows up) 
-we will always insist on seat belt use both during lessons with us and in their own driving careers and hope that as the parents you encourage this safe driving habit 
-If you have an emergency and need to get in contact with your student, please give us a call. Your student's phone will be off while they are driving, so we will need to get in contact with the instructor so they may pull the car over before your student may use their phone
-your student will have 6 behind the wheels, and we recommend that your student takes at least two different instructors. Our staff each have their own strengths, so try and experience all of them. 

Lesson 1. Introduction to the basics of driving. We recommend that you take your student out to practice before they show up to this one. It can be very scary and distracting if their first experience is with a peer. 
Lesson 2. Introduction to city driving. Your student by this time should be able to drive in light to medium traffic areas. If they have not been practicing between lessons one and two, our instructors cannot teach your student what they need to know. We may begin parallel parking instruction here if we feel your student is up to the challenge. 
Lesson 3. Free-way or Interstate driving day. Hopefully by this time your student has driven on the freeway at least once so we can explain the finer details. We will go over the basics of entering and exiting the freeway, lane changes, merging, following distances etc. 
Lesson 4. City Driving pt. 2. On this day we will go further into details of city driving. This is the most common type of driving, so we brush up on skills on this day. By this time your student should have practiced enough to be a relatively proficient driver. Our instructor may explain things such as roundabouts, parallel parking, y-turns, straight-backing etc that may be on their road test. 
Lesson 5. Defensive Driving. On this day we will attempt to locate problem areas with your student's driving. We will explain hazards such as driving in Winter, deer, night driving, road construction etc. At this point your student should almost be ready to drive on their own, practice is key. Make sure that your student has had practice night driving. 
Lesson 6. Mock Road Test day. Our instructor will give your student a practice road test! We will be tough and critical so the student knows how to improve. We will give them a sheet with what they need to work on. This is their last lesson.