* LCL Classes are held at the school 3 or 4 times per year and the dates are set by the school administrator. Once they choose the class dates and times the class is listed in the school Newsletter. You then sign up first with the school office then complete our Registration form here. If you prefer you are welcome to take a class at any other of our classroom locations including our Hartland classroom or Online classroom. LCL Classes at LCL are restricted to LCL students only.

Lake Country Lutheran High School Traditional Classroom Upcoming Class Dates and Times

If you are interested in Online Courses visit our Online Driver Education page.

FEE $335 - For complete Traditional Course (30 Hours Classroom and 6 BTW lessons). $335 Fee paid on the first day of class by cash or check. (put student's name on memo line of your check)

2/19-3/9 - M-F 3:15-5:15 Room #116

FEE $395 - For Online Course (30 Hours Online and 6 BTW Lessons) $95.00 fee paid when you enroll in the Online Classroom $300 paid when you are ready to enroll in the Behind The Wheel portion.

  • If you are interested in Online Classes go HERE
  • If you have questions about taking and completing class click HERE
  • All classes listed below have openings unless noted at FULL. Last minute sign ups welcome!
  • All area High School Students are welcome to take classes at KC's Hartland. (If it is a 3pm class, we will wait until everyone arrives prior to starting class. Class ends 2 hours later.)
  • Dates, times and fees subject to change. Return here for up to date information.

Traditional 30 Hour Group Session

  • 10/16-11/3 M-F 3:15-5:15 @ Lake Country Lutheran High School Room #116
    • *Special FEE $335 (paid on first day of class by check)


  1. Choose a class that works best for your schedule.
    1. You are allowed to miss a day or two, you will have to make it up using our Online Classroom. This will NOT affect you getting your instruction permit, you can still get your permit on time if you miss a class.
    2. You do not have to be 15 1/2 to take the class. It is best if you are about 15 or so, even though the law allows for 14 and 7 months.
  2. Enroll in a class by completing the form on the Right
    1. You will pay for the class on the first day.
    2. We do not charge a deposit. You are welcome to change classes if you need.
  3. Start and complete the classroom portion
    1. There are 30 hours of classroom. Students who are 15 1/2 when they start class, can get their instruction permit after the first day of class.
    2. According to State Law, students are allowed ​to miss class for legitimate reasons​. All absences ​must be made up using our Online Classroom. For more info click HERE
  4. Start and complete the behind the wheel portion
    1. You will have 6 behind the wheel lessons, two hours each. You drive one hour then observe one hour at each lesson.
    2. You can start your BTW's once you obtain your instruction permit after turning 15 1/2.
    3. Many students take the class early (prior to 15 1/2) then get their permit later after the class is over.
    4. Your State Certificate of Completion will be digitally submitted to the DMV after you complete all 30 hours of classroom and 6 BTW's.

Payment Options: You pay by check on the first day of the group session if enrolling in the Traditional Courses. Please include the students name in the memo line.