Attention Waukesha Area Students: We had a very big summer and need to catch up on our Behind The Wheels for the fall. As a result we are not offering any

traditional classroom sessions this fall. Students are welcome to enroll in our Online Classroom.

FEE $395 - Complete Online Course (30 Hours Online and 6 BTW Lessons) $95.00 fee paid when you enroll in the Online Classroom $300 paid when you are ready to enroll in the

  • This course is our most common Online Course. It is a self-paced, computer based course. Student's can start at any time and complete the coursework at any time of day. The presentations, narrations and other materials are identical to a traditional classroom. The fee is paid in 2 parts. $95 fee is paid after you register, log in and select the "30 Hour "Bundle" from the Online Classroom site. Then, when you are ready to get your Instruction Permit and begin your BTW Lessons, you enroll in and pay for ours, or another school's, Behind The Wheel Course. (KC's online course is provided through our Hartland office, though all students throughout the Wisconsin are welcome to enroll.)


1. STEP ONE: Complete our Registration and Agreement

2. STEP TWO: Go to our Online Classroom Website and create an Account Using the STUDENT's Info. Then log in select and purchase the 30 Hour Online Course "Bundle" using PayPal, Debit or Credit Card.

3. STEP THREE: Complete the Online Coursework then enroll in our Behind The Wheel Program.