BTW Only

If you took Online Classroom at a different driving school and would like to do Behind the Wheel with us follow the steps below.

  1. Complete our Registration and Agreement CLICK HERE.
  2. Forward us the email that you received from your Online Driving School that has your course completion info. That email looks EXACTLY like this:
    1. "Hello, This is your classroom completion certificate. Please present this to your Behind-the-Wheel driving school upon enrollment as proof you have completed the classroom instruction requirement.
    2. Student Name: Your F Name
    3. Student DOB: Your Date of Birth
    4. Completion Date: The Date You Completed the Course
    6. School: School Number and Name of Wisconsin Driving School
    7. Instructor: Instructor License Number and Name of Wisconsin Driving Instructor
    8. Auth Code: 4 Digit Authorization Code"
  3. Pay for the BTW Program using Pay Now payment option below or click: $325
  4. Complete this request FORM to prompt us to mail your form MV3001 We will mail your MV3001 Temps Application within 24 hours. You should receive it in 4-5 business days.
  5. Go to the DMV or attend one of our WRITTEN TEST SESSIONS and take the written test.
  6. Schedule your first BTW Lesson HERE
    • You will need to create a new user registration for the BTW scheduling system. This is NOT the same log in information as your Online Classroom.