Visit the Wisconsin DMV website HERE for information about what is test/expected during your Skills (Road) Test.

How do I schedule a Road (Skills) Test?

  • To be eligible for a road test you must:
    • Had your Instruction Permit 6 full months
    • No moving violations during the 6 months prior to applying
    • Completed 30 hours of classroom (online through KC's or a KC's traditional class) 
    • Completed 6 BTW Lessons (6 hours driving and 6 hours of observation. 
    • Be at least 16 years old
    • Not be truant
  • You can schedule your road test 11 weeks in advance of the 6 months ending. Go to the DMV website HERE to schedule a Road (Skills) Test

What do I bring to the DMV for my road test?

  • Your permit
  • Your car
  • Your parent
  • Your Driver's Ed Course Completion is transmitted directly to the DMV computers at or shortly after your 6th Behind the Wheel lesson. If there is ANY problem transmitting the completion we will email you to get it corrected. If you don't hear from us your Completion is on file with the DMV. 
Common Failures:

Law Violation
Disobeys Sign / Signal
Driving into Oncoming Traffic Lane
Turns Into / From Improper Lane
Dangerous Act
Drives Over Curb
Examiner Warning / Control
Uncontrolled Intersection
Evasive Action / Right of Way
Demonstrates Inordinate Lack of Skill, ability or knowledge

How to do a Parallel Park

How to do a "Y" Turn

How to Park on a Hill

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